Sunpower California Car Ports are the perfect match for your custom commercial or residential solar installation.  Ask your tech about them today!


Whether you represent a utility company or a large infrestructure, there are no limits as to how far Sunpower California can and will go to serve you. 


Engineered for performance, designed for durability.  These cells are the only solar cells built on a solid copper foundation.  They are virtually impervious to the corrosion and cracking that degrade conventional panels.  Flash tests show an estimated lifeline on our cells to last 60-70 years!    

Why Choose Our Company? 

Sunpower California takes you direct to the most financially sound and stable manufacturer in the world.  Sunpower is a publicly traded company on NASDAQ (SPWR) with a warranty fund based in the United States headquartered in Silicon Valley.  Sunpower is financially sound, majority owned by Total S.A., the 11th largest company in the world and is globally diversified with more than 5,000 employees.  Sunpower's sole focus is on solar with more than a quarter century of experience and more than 200 industry patents placing Sunpower panels ahead of all others for a very long time.   Sunpower panels cant actually out produce Solar City panels 3 to 1.  Other companies and entities such as Microsoft, Apple, Walmart, Toyota, FedEx, Target, The United States Postal Service, HP, Proctor & Gamble, Macy's, Home Depot, Lowes, Johnson & Johnson, The U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Defense all choose Sunpower.  Warren Buffet and Bill Gates both invest in and use Sunpower. 

With a combined experience of over 3,000 installations from San Diego County to Orange, our licensed and experienced installation teams have never had a single solar or roofing installation complaint and we have a spotless track record for a reason. If you give us a chance to earn your trust and your business, that is exactly what we will do above and beyond all expectations.

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Sunpower California San Diego Solar Panels 


SUNPOWER PHOTO VOLTAIC SOLAR SYSTEMS: It's time to get rid of your electric bill forever by producing your own electricity with the world's #1 most energy efficient solar panel!

NEW BATTERY BACKUP w/ SMART CHIP TECHNOLOGY: Green Homes Solar and Sunpower California offers a new age and exclusive battery backup system with our new smart chip technology available only to our customers!  Get off the grid and protect yourself if it goes down as well as increase your energy offset.  Other solar customers are often still at the mercy of the electric company.  You don't have to be.  Protect yourself and go off the grid with your solar system!

POOL SOLAR:  Green Homes Solar and Sunpower California offers a long lasting pool solar system that will allow you to heat your pool with the sun.  Most of our pool solar systems will independently increase your year round pool temperature between 10 and 18 degrees allowing you to swim near year round with this type of solar!

THERMAL SOLAR: Replace that gas, propane or extra electric bill with thermal solar to heat your water.  Your average return on investment will be under 2-3 years for most of these systems!

CUSTOM ROOFING: Green Homes Solar and Sunpower California offer custom roofs in combination with your PV solar system! 

HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING:  Green Homes Solar and Sunpower California offer HVAC packages to add to our PV solar systems custom to our homeowner's needs with a strong focus on energy savings, efficiency, quality and comfort. 

ATTENTION HOME BUILDERS:   Looking for the best deal from solar energy companies?  We offer multi-project discounts for residential and commercial developments.  We guarantee we have the best solar panels and lowest solar panel prices of all other solar panel companies.  Give us a chance to earn your business and we will do just that. 

Green Homes Solar by GREEN TECH!

The Best Warranty and Performance in the Industry

PEMIUM PRODUCT WARRANTY:  We offer our customers a 25 year manufactures warranty on all SunPower panels which is the best in the business.  There are no warranty restrictions for coastal applications and the warranty is backed by a warranty fund! 

PREMIUM PERFORMANCE WARRANTY:  Sunpower guarantees the most power in the industry per panel with a minimum of 87% of original performance in year 25 compared to many panels that will not be working at all in 25 years.  Coverage covers removal of bad panels, shipping, flash testing and new panel installation unlike our competition's 10 year traditional warranty.

RIGOROUS TESTING & ANALYSIS:   Sunpower panels are #1 in durability testing, validated by Fraunhofer ISE. High heat, humidity, shading, and stress tests conducted in real-world and accelerated test conditions.  Impact resistance testing with a 1-inch object at over 40mph. Millions of hours of performance data incorporated into new designs for continued innovation.