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Green Homes Solar and Sunpower California want to service you with the highest energy efficient solar system in the world and provide you with the longest lasting solar panel you can buy!  Go Sunpower solar and install the our #1 rated  American panel with the most production at the lowest possible cost.  We deal direct to the manufacturers to keep you from having to pay extra costs for the quality system you deserve and desire. 

Green Homes Solar by GREEN TECH!

If you are looking for pv solar in San Diego or anywhere in Southern California, you found the right company.  Sunpower solar cells set the Guinness book of world record for most energy efficient solar panel and have a guaranteed annual degradation ("wear and tear") rating of no more than 0.25% per year over the next 25 years.  Many home solar panels have between 3.0%-5.0% degradation annually, which is why most people who bought solar in the past are adding to their systems or buying new ones today.  Sunpower panels have the lowest degradation and the highest production available.   Our systems are installed with the highest quality team and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

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