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Sunpower California San Diego Solar Panels 


Out of all the solar companies in San Diego or the Southern California market. Choosing the right Solar Company is difficult as well as choosing the right solar panel for your home unless you know your options and understand what you are buying for your home, church or business.  You know that just trying to find cheap solar online, going with those foreign low cost solar panels instead of  high quality American made solar panels or even worse going solar with Solar City to get their low quality panels is clearly not the way to go nor the best return on investment for your home and family!  Maybe you ask your friends who have had solar bids from other solar companies in San Diego or you find yourself looking for solar reviews online or going to google and yahoo to try and find the best solar panel and yet you still find yourself confused with all these panel types, information, solar reviews and information you have gathered.  That is where Sunpower California and Green Homes Solar comes in.  Out of all the many types of solar panels in the world, our Sunpower panels set the Guinness Book of World Record for solar energy efficiency and solar energy cell degradation (24.2% 2011 GBWR - Current Holder).  Sunpower has proven time and time again to have the best solar panels on the planet.  So, whether you are a home owner in San Diego looking for solar panels to eliminate or reduce your electric bill and add equity to your home, a new homebuilder wanting to invest in solar to build value, a commercial property owner looking to reduce energy costs or just someone what wants to go solar to save the planet?   Green Homes Solar and Sunpower California guarantee that by going solar with our family, you will beat all the other solar energy companies by getting the lowest price and best quality solar system for your home or commercial property.  Out of all the solar panel companies, our Green Homes Solar and Sunpower California family is confident that you will love going solar with us.  Our team of experts can also help you with more than just photo voltaic solar for your electric needs.  We also offer thermal solar, pool solar, roofing and HVAC for both residential and commercial projects.  Give us a call today and set up a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION educational analysis to find out if Sunpower solar is a fit for you.  With the Federal Energy Credit, rebates, REC program and Net Metering still available, waiting to go green is definitely something that makes sense more now than later!  Give us a call today and we promise that you will be glad you did. GO SUNPOWER CALIFORNIA! 

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Our Premier installation team consists of highly experienced, licensed staff with a perfect track record and over 30 years in the construction industry!

Sunpower California Offers the World's Best Solar Panels at the Lowest Price Guaranteed! 

Sunpower California San Diego Solar Panels

Green Homes Solar by GREEN TECH!

We offer the nation's highest production panels with the longest lifeline at the lowest price guaranteed.  All American made.

We specialize in both residential and commercial PV solar projects for all your electricity needs.  We also have experience with pool and thermal solar.